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What is Pyramba?

Pyramba - is a clone of Karamba written in Python using PyKDE
It makes your desktop interactive by showing system status information:
  • CPU Usage
  • MP3 playing
  • Free Memory Amount


To run Pyramba you need this :

History of Pyramba

The idea of creating Pyramba came to me after I finished SuperGlass v0.2 for SuperKaramba.
I was not pleased with SuperKaramba API and after I released SuperGlass v0.2 with
Super API (OOP framework for SuperKaramba API) I started working on Pyramba. During the first month of development I somehow lost the first working implemintation
of Pyramba and had to start writing it from scratch again. During the second month I was developing
examples for Pyramba which were hardly based on my previous work SuperGlass v0.2.
The third month was full of testing and I decided to create module system (also called plugins system).
Now when the first release v0.1 is ready I hope that this project will evalute further and you'll like it.
Project hosted by:
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Dmitry "Troydm" Geurkov
License: GPL